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Hotel on Grand Canal in Venice

The best view on the "Canal Grande" of Venice Only when admired from a hotel Canal Grande Venice does the full splendor reveal itself, regaling the observer with a sight worthy of the finest postcard right before his eyes, a tangible sign of an experience which goes above and beyond the dimension of the journey and which makes a hotel on Grand Canal in Venice like the Hotel Principe the main focus of a new way to see the Serenissima. A stay in this hotel on Grand Canal in Venice actually becomes even more than just that thanks to the historical waterway which for some thousand years now has been the center of the ostentation of economic well-being of the most powerful families of the city, who looked out from the windows of the Hotel Principe or sat on its terrace just above the water, letting the magic of a hotel Canal Grande Venice penetrate deep into your senses. Let yourself be imbued with these new sensations and you will discover how, thanks to your choice of a hotel Canal Grande Venice, you will absorb a bit of this same magic into your soul, creating a deep tie to this ancient city which has always struck the hearts of visitors for its beauty, but is irresistible for anyone who chooses to stay in a hotel on Grand Canal in Venice.

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