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Venice hotels 4 star

Add a touch of italian elegance to your holiday Hotel Principe, situated on Lista di Spagna overlooking the Grand Canal, is one of the best 4 star hotels Venice which will welcome you with the refined elegance that has always distinguished the highest levels of Venice over the centuries, with antique furniture and Murano glass adding that extra touch which sets our hotel apart from all the other 4 star hotels Venice, Italy. The enviable location of the Hotel Principe is another aspect which sets us apart among 4 star hotels, Venice, and the city can be even better appreciated when you stay in the very central location of the Cannaregio quarter, the city’s most popular and lively neighborhood where, among other attractions, you’ll find the famous Jewish ghetto. Lastly, it must be noted that the definition of Venice hotels, 4 star is not one that easily or uniformly defines the tourist accommodations offered in the city: a hotel like the Hotel Principe, thanks to its utterly peerless position, is probably the very best you can get when you book 4 star hotels Venice, Italy.

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